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Choose Your Own Amount - "Non-Gift" Donation

Choose Your Own Amount - "Non-Gift" Donation


This is an open-ended donation directly to Hamilton Morris and his lawyer, John Hunter, for expenses with their case against the DEA. This tier (at any amount) will not receive any gift. 100% of these donations go directly to their expenses. PLEASE READ MORE BELOW:

The DEA announced its intention to schedule five tryptamines and two phenethylamines. The announcement provoked over 500 responses in opposition, but these actions can only truly be opposed with a legal hearing. For the last six months, our lawyer John Hunter has kindly represented this cause pro bono. Still, the expenses associated with fighting the DEA have become significant enough that we are seeking support from the community that opposes the prohibition of these substances. 100% of the profit of these donations goes directly to pay for flights, hotels, and other ancillary expenses associated with their hearing in August.


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This tier (at any donation amount) will not receive a physical gift.

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