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"50 Years Too Long" - Punk Patch Pack

"50 Years Too Long" - Punk Patch Pack

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Part of the "50 Years Too Long" Collection by Abolish Everything x CREAM.

20% of profits from each sale goes to Sonoran Prevention Works.

3 screen-printed, sew-on patches designed by Kyra Thompson at

Screen printed in Tucson, AZ.

About the Item:

This patch pack features punk patches screen printed in white plastisol on heavy black duck canvas and a mini sewing kit complete with five thread colors, buttons and a safety pin for mending.

Overdose Deaths Are Preventable -5.25" x 2"

Ask Me About Overdose Prevention - 5.25" x 4"

End The War On Drugs - 3.75" x 2.75"

In 1971, Nixon declared an all out offensive against what he called public enemy number one, drugs. The ensuing global war on drugs is one of the most defining conflicts of our time. It represents the cruel innovation of the unwinnable war, a tactic employed by co-conspirators in the government and arms sectors to cause near infinite suffering for the masses and skyrocketing profit for themselves. The War on Drugs has defined modern policing, militarization, prison privatization and nearly all sectors of criminal law. The end of the War on Drugs is long overdue. The intention of prohibition was never to benefit public health, protect the youth or any other of the many justifications. The intention was always to maximize control through criminalization and maximize profit through supply-side restriction. The War on Drugs is racist. The War on Drugs is classist. The War on Drugs is a human rights crisis. Prohibition does not work. End the War on Drugs.

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