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"Eye of the Beholder" - 60' x 50' Fleece Blanket

"Eye of the Beholder" - 60' x 50' Fleece Blanket


60" x 50" Polyester Blanket with Fleece Underside

About the Item:

Designed by Spencer Godfrey

High up in the misty mountains a wretched dragon sits guarding the gate of its treasure filled cave. No treasure is more heavily valued though than the ever oozing eye, which stays as fresh as the moment it was removed from its owner. It is unknown exactly what the dragon finds so appealing in this vile object other than myth that it holds the power to see the path to any known desire. The dragon fiercely awaits anyone who dares remove this dark magical object from its possession, lest they suffer the same or an even greater fate! 

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