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"Protect Lophophora" - Black Tee

"Protect Lophophora" - Black Tee

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Protect Lophophora/Use Sustainable Mescaline Alternatives

The design was created under the guidance of indigenous peoples and focuses on the imperative to stop the environmental destruction and overharvesting which are threatening the future of the lophophora williamsii species (peyote’s scientific name as used in respect for wishes of indigenous peoples). Lophophora williamsii is part of traditional indigenous ceremonies, in their words, “to humble ourselves below the sacrament and pray up through the plant and then the feathers of the eagle will take our petitions to the almighty.” Each of these elements is represented in the design, with a focus on the sacred number 4 in the grouping of plants. Rather than using lophophora williamsii, there are non-threatened and domestically legal to cultivate mescaline alternatives such as echinopsis pachanoi, more commonly known as the San Pedro cactus. This is represented by the mescaline molecule between the watching eyes at the bottom of the design.

Revenue from the sale of this shirt will support Benefit Honoring, a program of Sia which is supporting the Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund. Sia and IMCF will each use half of the proceeds for indigenous-led conservation.

Sia is the Commanche/ Numunuh word for feather, and the organization serves as the Comanche Nation Ethno-Ornithological Initiative: a traditional NAC organization whose mission is the preservation of the Eagle & Peyote through cultural understanding in History, Science, and Spirit.

The Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund is an Indigenous-led philanthropic vehicle, which works to ensure the resilience of our Peoples in the face of cultural appropriation, environmental extractivism, human rights violations, and climate change.


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