Collection: Eco Crisis

Technology increases efficiency → Efficiency decreases cost → Lower costs increase consumption → Technology increases efficiency...

"As long as hierarchy persists, as long as domination organises humanity around a system of elites, the project of dominating nature will continue to exist and inevitably lead our planet to ecological extinction." - Murray Bookchin

This incredible, local collective is celebrating 10 years since its origination with a motion to purchase the once abandoned Julia Keen Elementary School property that they have since repurposed into the "Midtown Farm". Launched in 2012, the @flowers_and_bullets collective works to cultivate healthy food alternatives for Barrio Centro through the reclamation of their Indigenous agricultural traditions.

Art, sustainability, music, and rebellion fuel the fire that keeps their movement essential to our community, and they are calling for local support to make their vision for this space a reality. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this collection will go to helping that goal come to fruition. You can also help by donating directly to their 5013c Non-Profit at

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