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"Mushroom For Improvement" - Boxy Creme Crop Tee

"Mushroom For Improvement" - Boxy Creme Crop Tee

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Hand-printed in Tucson, AZ.

100% cotton.

About the Item:

Design by @diadelaviña.

"The study of mycoremediation is a heavily undervalued scientific source in our life- long battle to push back on the scourge of pollutants and foreign toxins that are constantly being introduced to our natural environments. The word mycoremediation means "Fungus Restoring Balance" in latin, which is precisely what it does. Take some time to familiarize yourself with mycelium: It has the power to reduce pollutants, provide medicine, nutrients, and heal plants and other species from the damage we have inflicted upon them - Their contribution to their environments provide an ideal model for the interconnectedness of being that we flesh bags so desperately need right now.

Please Mushrooms, save us from ourselves!"

-Dia de la Viña


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