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"The Psychedelic Researcher's Bundle" - 3 Pamphlet Bundle

"The Psychedelic Researcher's Bundle" - 3 Pamphlet Bundle

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Each bundle contains 3 pamphlets, and a handmade button from Gail Patterson, the illustrator of the pamphlets, as well as a cutout "Bullshit Blocker" to place over your ear. A portion of the proceeds of each pamphlet sale goes to Gail Patterson, the original illustrator of the pamphlets.

Each bundle includes one of each of the following:

  1. "Bufo Alvarius" - The Psychedelic Toad of the Sonoran Desert Pamphlet - 6th Printing.
  2. "Eros and the Pineal" - The Layman's Guide To Cerebral Solitaire Pamphlet - 2nd Printing.
  3. "Peganum Harmala" - The Hallucinogenic Herb of the American Southwest Pamphlet - 2nd Printing.
  4. An assorted handmade button signed by Gail Patterson.
  5. A cutout "Bullshit Blocker" so you don't have to listen to long-winded stories of someone's self-righteous trips.
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