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"Protect Nature" - Black Tee

"Protect Nature" - Black Tee

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Psychedelics traditionally came from nature, and like nature come in many varieties from the tryptamines of mushrooms (psilocin, psilocybin), toads (bufotenine, 5-MEO-DMT), and plants (DMT) to the phenethylamines in cacti (mescaline) and beyond to the structures found in ergot, iboga and more.


Indigenous communities have for time in memorial cared for and lived among the ecosystems these lifeforms come from. Now these lifeforms and these people are facing threats from overharvesting, global warming, logging and more. The use of these natural psychedelics is increasing exponentially, and so may the damages.


However, there is another path. Chemists from Albert Hoffman to Alexander Shulgin have created analogs which provide a path forward that can protect nature and respect the sacred nature of these lifeforms to indigenous peoples. Hoffman created LSD, which is a synthetic alternative made from ergot precursors. Chemists and nature have a long relationship.


4-HO-MET to 4-HO-DMT (psilocin), DiPT to DMT, 5-MEO-DET to 5-MEO-DMT – each of these compounds in bold is highlighted in the design, but they are also technically federally uncontrolled, or legal to possess, but not to consume due to the Analog Act. However, the Drug Enforcement Administration unsuccessfully attempted to ban these and other psychedelic compounds in 2022. They also unsuccessfully attempted to ban 2 psychedelic phenethylamines DOI and DOC in 2022.


Unfortunately, the DEA has returned and is again trying to ban DOI and DOC with a newly published rule on December 13.


Proscaline, named for its chemical structure and relation to mescaline, is also federally uncontrolled. Proscaline, 4-HO-MET, DiPT, and 5-MEO-DET are being highlighted to highlight the other path which is possible to protect nature and expand access.


Revenue from the sale of this shirt will support Benefit Honoring, a program of Sia that supports the Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund. Sia and IMCF will each use half of the proceeds for indigenous-led conservation.

Sia is the Commanche/ Numunuh word for feather, and the organization serves as the Comanche Nation Ethno-Ornithological Initiative: a traditional NAC organization whose mission is the preservation of the Eagle & Peyote through cultural understanding in History, Science, and Spirit.

The Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund is an Indigenous-led philanthropic vehicle, which works to ensure the resilience of our Peoples in the face of cultural appropriation, environmental extractivism, human rights violations, and climate change.


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